"I apologize for yesterday, my name is Yi Fei!"【Ways to Make Money Online】

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"I apologize for yesterday, my name is Yi Fei!" Yi Fei took a deep breath of the atmosphere, made a decision, the spirit of rare cheer up, smiled at the girl and said: "Is the staff of the blue water company, may I ask you?" "You..." The girl can not believe staring at easy to fly, looked up and down for a long time, always feel easy to fly such a practice is too abnormal. However, looking at Yi Fei's close eyes, she seemed unable to refuse: "Since the apology, it is nothing, my name is Blue LAN, working in style magazine!" Style magazine? Yi Fei quickly searched in his mind, and soon realized that this was a people magazine that had a certain influence across the country. He immediately smiled, do not think that he usually decadent look will know nothing, at least he can see that Lanlan is a novice: "In order to express my apology, can you give me a chance, let me invite you to eat a meal!"【lottery,make money,Google,】
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