I have to eat every day, and a lot of you this meal!【Ways to Make Money Online】

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"I have to eat every day, and not a few of you this meal!" Lanlan disdained to glance at Yi Fei, I do not know how many men have made such tacky techniques to her, she is now convinced that Yi Fei is a pervert: "However, since you sincerely invite, I have no reason to refuse, isn't it?" The next thing is much simpler, two people exchanged a phone number, easy to fly of course do not know blue blue is intended to eat poor him. Casual chat a few words, Qian Huaisheng out of the office, to easy to fly beckoned. Easy to fly into the office, almost soon lost the spirit, had to reluctantly play up the spirit to look at the office Jiang Luobi and Wang Jingui and Qian Huaisheng. Jiang Luobi looked at Yi Fei with a smile: "Director Qian recommended you to be the technical assistant of the club, I promised, from today on, you are the technical assistant of the Bihui Club, first follow Director Qian to learn some experience!"【BlackJack Games,lottery,make money,】
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