Qian Huaisheng only one word to an ordinary charge officer to promote to the assistant position【Ways to Make Money Online】

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Easy to fly into the office, almost soon lost the spirit, had to reluctantly play up the spirit to look at the office Jiang Luobi and Wang Jingui and Qian Huaisheng. Jiang Luobi looked at Yi Fei with a smile: "Director Qian recommended you to be the technical assistant of the club, I promised, from today on, you are the technical assistant of the Bihui Club, first follow Director Qian to learn some experience!" Wang Jingui eyes flashed a wisp of jealousy, originally Qian Huaisheng is basically ignore casino affairs, in addition to the manager, in the casino is to his real power. Did not expect Qian Huaisheng just a word to an ordinary charge officer to be promoted to the assistant position, hard to install the next nail to break down his power. But he had the wrong idea. Qian Huaisheng pressure did not want to fight with Wang Jingui what power, he is concerned about the progress of gambling, promoting Yi Fei is only its showing no small potential. And he still hopes to be able to cultivate a gambling master for Bi Hui, because he already feels that he is about to break through the original realm at any time, and needs to go out with the masters to seek a breakthrough.【Video games,Venice,Money making app,】
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