Hindsight is the biggest pitfall of Texas Hold 'em【Ways to Make Money Online】

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It can cloud your judgment and make you doubt yourself. When anyone is making an expectation judgment, he must stop at the node where the decision is made, and it doesn't matter how it changes. Good or bad should not come back to question the decision, as long as the decision is right, the subsequent bad are fluctuations, and you have nothing to do with it. I have also had the experience of selling shares of Delta Air Lines and the stock price went up again, but I don't think I made a mistake or say I should have known I didn't sell. Because "a thousand pieces of gold hard to buy had known" this kind of words will make you in the mood of regret, the next time you will doubt yourself, can not be decisive. In the past, when the mind was relatively immature, every time I sold a stock, I would directly delete it from the file and no longer track the subsequent trend, because if it rose back, it would let my mood gamble. But now the mind matures, it goes up, it goes up, it doesn't matter.【Money making app,lottery,make money,】


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