Seven Ways for Ordinary People to Make Money Mode 1【Ways to Make Money Online】

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Commission Model 1. Agency of a certain group Find a brand merchant, become the leader of a certain group of goods, and purchase through others' links to generate commission. There is no need to worry about shipping the goods. Advantages: It's cost-effective for oneself, convenient for others, no need to worry about goods, and earn commissions. If it is for personal use, you can choose the most cost-effective one by comparing with three different stores. Disadvantages: If promoting, it is necessary to constantly add friends, establish groups, publish product information, or continuously subscribe to your group account to keep friends informed of your publishing updates. Continuously answering customer questions is necessary, preferably for personal use. 2. Distribution of major apps Product links such as "certain", "certain", "certain hundred", "certain petal", etc. If you successfully plant grass, others can receive commission for purchasing. According to the platform's rules, the ability to publish products can be linked for publication. Advantages: No need to take care of, always profitable. Disadvantage: It is necessary to meet the standards set by the platform, or to operate the platform's account with care.【make money,Google,guessing competition,】

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People who have the courage to pursue their dreams are often able to accumulate wealth.

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