International gold prices ride the roller coaster, and young people are also cautious in their "gold

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The price of gold jewelry today is 475 yuan per gram, which rose to 478 yuan last Friday and dropped to 458 yuan during the National Day holiday. 

On October 23, the reporter arrived at the Shuibei Gold Jewelry Cluster in Shenzhen, and the head of a gold jewelry store in Shuibei Jinzuo told the 

reporter. At the same time, the gold prices of most well-known gold jewelry brands once again exceeded 600 yuan per gram.

Since the beginning of this year, the price of gold has continued to rise, making it a hot pursuit for investors. More and more young people are joining

 the "gold rush" army. However, the international gold price has recently staged a "roller coaster" trend, with a continuous decline at the end of last 

month, dropping to around $1823 per ounce, but then rebounding rapidly, and the international gold price once returned to the level of $2000 per 


The volatility of gold prices is exacerbated by a combination of supply and demand, investment factors, and geopolitical factors, with the recent impact 

of geopolitical factors being particularly significant.

At multiple stores in the Shuibei Gold Jewelry Cluster in Shenzhen, the reporter saw that the consumption of gold jewelry is no longer limited to 

"mothers", and many consumers on site are young people. Faced with a wide variety of real gold products, young investors are more enthusiastic 

about purchasing small grams of gold products. In addition to physical gold, many young people choose to invest in online gold.

I didn't expect the price to rise back so quickly. I really regret not buying it before. "At the scene, a young couple prepared to buy gold jewelry for 

their wedding." I'm worried that the price will continue to rise, so I decided to buy it now. "However, several store managers also said," Compared 

to before the National Day holiday, the flow of people is not as strong now as before the holiday

This year, I saw many friends around me buying gold, including investment bars and gold jewelry. Nowadays, gold jewelry recycling is very convenient, 

and I also make money, so I just gave it a try. "On the spot, a young consumer told reporters why they chose to invest in gold." I don't have much 

money, I really can't think of any investment method

The relevant person in charge of a bank branch in Futian, Shenzhen stated that since the beginning of this year, many customers have come to consult

 and purchase gold as reserves, and there are many large customers who purchase gold exceeding 1000 grams. However, with the significant increase

 in gold prices, some consumers have chosen to postpone their gold purchase plans. The reporter randomly interviewed 5 young consumers, all of

 whom stated that they would be slightly cautious when facing a return to high gold prices unless there is urgent demand such as marriage.




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