Probability weight based on a three-layer structure. 【Ways to Make Money Online】

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These three layers are resource layer, configuration layer, and execution layer. The final outcome of the secular world depends on the multiplication of the probabilities of the three. This structure emphasizes the impact of resources, decision-making, and capability circles on probability weights. Create a statistically based probability weight with a relative advantage in a game environment. Abandoning the pursuit of the so-called best, only focusing on discovering relative probability advantages. This is an arbitrage mindset. Sometimes, the cognitive advantage of probability calculation is utilized; Sometimes, it takes advantage of competitors' fear of uncertainty. Probability weight or the allocation of probability by the "omniscient". For example, traffic, IP, and so on are actually probability weight allocation games for the platform. So, the best business models, especially those based on platforms, essentially create a "casino". In this way, the platform becomes the designer and allocator of probability weights. Option is a type of probability right. Option (called option in Taiwan, China, China) is a right to choose whether to trade or not. This contract grants the holder the right to purchase or sell an asset at a fixed price at any time on or before a specific date. But probability weights are not just options.【lottery,make money,Google,】
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