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In fact, every gambler knows that the chance of winning money is very small, but still have the illusion that they can turn over by gambling, but the result is very different, the more they lose, the deeper they fall, so that they are burdened with huge debts. There is a good saying: gamblers are for the purpose of winning money, losing money as a result, waiting for each other after you are ruined or in debt. So don't expect to win money by gambling, if you appear in the following situations, advise you to quickly stop it, this is the lesson summed up by Jinan Yuanda Hospital: lose money blame impulse, win money blame timid. This is basically what all gamblers have in common, and it's one of the reasons you continue to bet. If you are a gambler, is it not often lamented that you know that you will definitely be in this hunch, because you are timid and did not bet or bet less, so as to miss the opportunity to win big money. When you lose money, you not only blame your own impulse, but also attribute the reason for your failure to various circumstances, such as if he doesn't lend me money, I won't lose less and so on.【make money,Google,guessing competition,】
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