Sunday 019 Serie A Napoli VSAC Milan【Ways to Make Money Online】

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Defending champion Napoli this season, the edge has been reduced, the current 9 rounds of the league after the achievement of 5 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, the temporary fourth place in the standings, during the period of 20 goals lost 10 goals, from the data point of view, the team's offensive firepower is still good, but last season's outstanding Osmayne again suffered injury problems, attendance is not stable, He and the club because of the problem of racial discrimination, it is very unpleasant, and the first season of Serie A shine Kvaratz Helia, this season also began to be targeted by opponents, the efficiency on the field has declined, coach Spalletti coached the national team, the new coach Garcia's tactical style is different from his predecessor, the defensive end in Jin Min Zai left, Young Natan Su Shaha failed to play the role of the former in the defensive line, in addition to Naples this season's league unbeaten away at the same time, home win rate of only 60%, the game in the face of recent consecutive defeats of AC Milan, Naples still can not light the enemy, AC Milan in the Champions League group stage 0-3 lost at the foot of Paris Saint-Germain, the team recently suffered two consecutive defeats, Although the current 7-2 results, still ranked third in the Serie A table, but the 5-1 defeat in the Derby, the recent defeats to Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, coupled with the Champions League faced Newcastle United and Borussia Dortmund helpless, coach Pioli's dismal performance in the strong dialogue this season has caused dissatisfaction among fans. The attack side of the relatively single play to Giroud, Leo gradually lost edge, the midfield Tonali left, Besena and suffered injury problems, Clooney has proved that he can not adapt to the position of the back, the defensive end of the center back Gav mistakes frequently, the game away from Naples, AC Milan needs to make changes, to have the hope of taking points.【Video games,Venice,Money making app,】
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