Saturday 016 La Liga Barcelona v Real Madrid【Ways to Make Money Online】

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This game is the focus of the current round of La Liga league - the national Derby, Barcelona sat in the Camp Nou stadium against arch-enemy Real Madrid, last season overdraft financial aid, the final harvest of the league championship, Barcelona is also completed the goal, but this summer the club can not invest too much money in the transfer market, Visa free Beijing Doan, Romero and Martinez several veterans over 30 years old, enough to see the financial difficulties, but it also gives coach Harvey, who likes to use new people, more space for selection, Yamal, Lopez, Balde and other young players have been given the opportunity to experience, coupled with the excellent play of new players Felix and Canselo. Barcelona season so far in all fronts still maintain an unbeaten trend, 13 games 9 wins and 3 draws to remain unbeaten, during the period scored 30 goals only lost 11 goals, both ends of the performance is good, in addition to Barcelona this season in the Camp Nou stadium achieved 7 games all the results, dominance can be seen, but the team has been plagued by injuries recently, Main center Lewandowski and back de Jong have been injured, the current news, de Jong has been bound to miss the battle, Lewandowski can play is also a question, less this season's top scorer in the team, Barcelona's strength is inevitably affected, and Real Madrid currently leads the La Liga standings, more than Barcelona 1 point, The team 10 rounds of the league 8 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, during the 21 goals lost 7 goals, both ends of the offensive and defensive play are still good, but from the recent several tough battles, the team 1-3 lost Atletico Madrid, 1-1 was forced to draw with Sevilla, exposed the team's weak front, this summer sent Benzema and Asensio after, The club failed to introduce a replacement of the same level, the veteran Jose Lu to play the weak team is still good, but the lack of starting strength in the strong dialogue, coach Ancelotti although the change of 442 system, the release of new aid Bellingham's attacking talent, the English midfielder has 8 goals in the league, but coupled with the national team, Bellingham recently a week of double matches, Is already showing fatigue, the game away from Barcelona, how to break the game at the offensive end is still a headache for Real Madrid, compared to the team's injury problems have eased, currently only Courtois, Militang, Luening three injured, in terms of Ancelotti's characteristics, this game Galaxy battleship will still offer a steady counter-attack strategy, It won't be easy for either side to score big.【lottery,make money,Google,】
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