Wednesday 312 NBA Basketball Los Angeles Clippers VS Los Angeles Lakers 2023-11-02 10:00【Ways to Make Money Online】

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From the visiting Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers started the new season with a 2-1 loss and temporarily ranked 7th in the Western League, averaging 121.3 points per game in the opening 3 games, losing only 104.7 points per game, scoring 16.6 points more than opponents at home, and the state at both ends of the offensive and defensive ends is hot. Clippers new season two home all big win, home is currently averaging 26 points, but the road regret 118 to 120 lost to the flat Jazz. Clippers in the last round of the game 123 to 83 at home to win the Spurs 40 points more, Leonard faced the old master Spurs with 21 points, Westbrook and George have 19 points, the three big lead the team good attack and defense. Today the Clippers at home to welcome and magic back-to-back challenges, tomorrow Clippers and Los Angeles will stage the Los Angeles Derby battle, the Clippers back-to-back physical will be a huge test. From the home team, the Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers started the new season 2-2 ranked ninth in the West, averaging 110.0 points and 112.2 points per game, and the situation was not good after Schroder. However, the Lakers won 2 home games, relying on excellent defense to reverse the Magic and the Sun, but the two away games are against the attack, the gap between the host and the guest defense, the average home game only lost 99.0 points, the average away game lost 125.5 points. On the Lakers home 106-103 thrilling reversal of the young magic, the core James 17 7 to 19 points performance is not good, but Davis bang down 26 points 19 rebounds 5 assists blocked shots, guard Russell 14 10 points 28 points 8 assists to complete self-redemption. History: The Lakers are 2-4 in their last 6 games【Google,guessing competition,Ball game,】
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