Strong "scratch" new energy * ST Meishang received a letter of attention.

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ST Meishang, which has been engaged in financial fraud for 8 consecutive years, recently announced that it wants to increase its qualifications for new 

energy construction, and the company's stock price was immediately capped at 20%. In the face of fluctuating stock prices, the Shenzhen Stock

 Exchange's attention letter quickly arrived, requesting companies to explain the reasons and necessity for increasing their business scope, and whether 

there is a situation of using market attention hotspots to hype up the company's stock price.

The reporter noticed that * ST Meishang had a controlling shareholder occupying 991 million yuan of company funds, and the remaining outstanding 

principal balance still exceeds 300 million yuan. In the first half of this year, * ST Meishang achieved a revenue of 27.71 million yuan and a net profit

 attributable to the parent company of 219 million yuan, indicating a severe operating situation.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange quickly issued a letter of concern

On the evening of October 19th, * ST Meishang announced that the company plans to apply for the addition of business scope related to construction

 qualifications in the power and new energy industries, in addition to the existing scope of water conservancy and hydropower construction general

 contracting qualifications. As soon as the announcement was made, the company's stock price hit a limit up on October 20th.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange quickly issued a letter of concern, requesting the company to explain whether there is any situation of using market 

attention hotspots to hype the company's stock price; The company is required to explain the relationship between the newly added business and 

the existing main business, as well as the reasons and necessity for increasing the business scope, based on the business model, industry competition

 pattern, market prospects, production and operation conditions of the power and new energy construction business.

In addition, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires companies to indicate whether they have the relevant capabilities to engage in daily operations, 

market development, funding sources, and talent reserves for the above-mentioned new businesses; Have you obtained all the necessary qualifications 

or approvals to carry out new business, and explain the development plan, personnel, and financial arrangements for the new business, and analyze 

and explain its rationality and feasibility, as well as the expected specific impact on the company's production and operation

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