Knicks' big win over Cavaliers【Ways to Make Money Online】

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Knicks today at home to face the Cavaliers, the first half of the Cavaliers attack is very bad, the half finished the Cavaliers actually only got 32 points, the third quarter of the offensive success rate of the two teams are good, the Knicks continue to expand the lead, the last quarter of the game, the Cavaliers still have no way to reverse the game, the Knicks final home 99-79 victory over the Cavaliers, Barrett, who played in the first two games, got 19 points today, Brunson still played steadily and got 21 points, and Garland, the Cavaliers' backcourt double shot, only got 10 points today, and the Cavaliers' double backcourt and twin towers basically did not have much good chemistry, and the Knicks looked like they had a greater chance of advancing to the second round. 【sports,Video games,Venice,】
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