Experts explain the skills of cockfighting (1)【Ways to Make Money Online】

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Cockfighting, some places in the north called it bumping, is a kind of hand-assisted, holding the folded foot, and then the other foot jumping, with the folded leg and each other collide, one side if knocked down, or forced to put down the folded leg and counted as a failure of the recreational activity. It is an activity that boys often play in the cold winter. The participants are usually divided into two large groups. The player stands with one leg supported, the other leg is tightly linked by the hand at the ankle, the thigh and calf are flat bent on the knee of the upright leg, and then under the command of the leader, the single jump to the other side. When the two sides met, you ran into me, each did not back down, and the scene of fighting against each other was spectacular. Not until one of them drops his helmet and runs away.【Venice,Money making app,BlackJack Games,】
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