God of Gamblers 13-- Qian Huaisheng lucky to blackjack【Ways to Make Money Online】

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It's hard to describe frustration, or excitement, or maybe both. Frustrated that he has practiced gambling for 30 years is nothing in front of the other side, excited that he met a real master, perhaps after this battle, his gambling can make a breakthrough. In the card box to touch out the next card, Qian Huaisheng since sure he lost, the mood will gradually calm down. Calmly turn over the card, immediately attracted around the gamblers A sigh, the mysterious man took this A, then put together a black Jack, the next is Qian Huaisheng lucky put together to blackjack, also lose. "I lost, you're better than me!" Qian Huaisheng frankly said to the young mysterious man, he has been eager to break through himself, and now he has obtained such a possibility, whether in all aspects, he should respect such a master, even if his age can do each other's father!【lottery,make money,Google,】
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