God of Gamblers 35-- to the technical director's office【Ways to Make Money Online】

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However, in this way, it means another problem - Liang Wen is a professional gambler! Only professional gamblers can be so sensitive, after all, they are opposed to the casino. Therefore, in order to avoid serious conflicts with the casino, it is necessary to stop the sale appropriately. Looking at the back of Liang Wen leaving, Yi Fei has a hunch that he and this Liang Wen will meet again, and this Liang Wen definitely will not be ordinary people. Just a moment, a colleague came to replace him and told him that the technical director wanted to see him. Technical director? Easy to fly shrugged his shoulders, came to the office of the technical director, Qian Huaisheng told easy to fly after sitting down, staring at the easy to fly with loose eyes slowly said: "Easy to fly, do you understand gambling?" Yi Fei shook his head, of course he wants to learn gambling, but those masters rarely accept apprentices, such as Qian Huaisheng so many years have not seen him teach anyone gambling. Qian Huaisheng suddenly frowned, he did not understand the young man in front of him as if walking dead.【Video games,Venice,Money making app,】
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