Much like poker, stocks require a clear calculation of the value of each bet.【Ways to Make Money Online】

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Everyone knows that the AA of Texas Hold 'em has the highest value before it has opened, but with the issuance of public cards and the actions of other players, the value of the AA will fluctuate, sometimes up and sometimes down, and you must follow this information to maneuver and adjust the cognition of the "value" of the current card. Stock is also, find a good target, calculate the intrinsic value, buy below the intrinsic value, sell above the intrinsic value. Don't worry about small daily fluctuations because they don't affect the intrinsic value of the stock at all. Stocks are not like poker, where the difficulty rises linearly with the level, getting harder as you go up. In the case of stocks, there is not much difference between operating in hundreds of thousands and millions on a smaller scale. Moreover, there are a lot of "fish" in the stock market, and a bunch of investors who do not understand and play randomly pay attention to the "price" every day, and then invest by feeling. Buffett likened the stock market to an automatic pitching machine that will throw a lot of balls to you every day. This baseball game, no strikeouts, unlimited, but a real game without a swing would be out.【Google,guessing competition,Ball game,】
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