Where has the historical share price been, and where can the stock go【Ways to Make Money Online】

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It doesn't matter. Stocks have no memory. This is the myth of most people. It has nothing to do with the past, it depends on the present, and the ups and downs are uncontrollable, and it is the value that should be cared about, not the price. Another fantasy is that you are not willing to admit the loss, and the set stop loss point refuses to appear, determined to wait for the stock price to come back. AA is the strongest card in Texas Hold 'em before flipping, but once it gets into certain situations, AA may become very weak, at this time we will come out and not play, this card is for you. You win. Because I am now at a disadvantage, it is not good, at this time can not reluctant to leave, must decisively leave, give up the money already bet. That money is called "sunk cost", it has nothing to do with you, you should consider whether to continue to pay the cost, do not care how much money in front of you - sunk cost is not a cost, it is thrown into the sea, not your money, do not need to love. It is like entering the cinema and finding the movie is very ugly, and you are not willing to go, and finally you lose not only the ticket money, but also two hours of time.【guessing competition,Ball game,sports,】


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