Seven Ways for Ordinary People to Make Money: Mode Three: The Mode of Writing Novels【Ways to Make Money Online】

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1. Novel Youyi has not yet reached the level of writing long articles, and there are also many open-minded authors on platforms such as a certain cigar and a certain tower who obtain some pocket money through full attendance and other means. Advantages: Rewards can be obtained through full attendance. Disadvantages: It consumes a lot of energy, requires a large number of words per day, and requires a comprehensive layout. 2. Short stories It's easy to find an editor who collects short stories, usually around 12000 words. You can write one article in about a week, and pay once a month after signing a contract. Storytelling, readability, and fun articles are all available. You Yi has currently written two articles, which feels quite easy. Advantages: Fast completion speed, affordable price, and diligence can achieve a monthly salary of 1000 yuan. Disadvantage: Need to conceive, the initial price for thousands of words is not too high.【make money,Google,guessing competition,】

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