The fourth mode of making money: sales mode【Ways to Make Money Online】

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1. A certain fish You can use the information gap to choose from multiple as the shipping platform and one as the sales platform. Vertical positioning, consistent product attributes, with two or three products being updated every day. Like other sources of goods, such as a certain group, it is better to clean up your idle items. If you are useless, others can use their waste heat. Advantages: Allow idle swimming and earn some hard money due to poor information. Disadvantages: Answering customer questions before sales and maintaining after sales are time-consuming. 2. Group buying Utilize the advantages of clubs, such as familiar social models such as communities, units, and streets, and use group buying for sales. Advantages: You can enter the wholesale price yourself, thereby achieving the goal of keeping the remaining portion of your needs. Disadvantages: Consuming energy and stamina. 3. A certain treasure If there is a source of goods, you can sell them on your own. You Yi once sold flowers directly from the Kunming base, but sold them on the platform because of your liking and needs. Advantages: Earn the price difference, set the platform interface design so that you no longer need to take care of it, and it is convenient to directly update the template. Disadvantages: The cost of the product varies greatly and needs to be constantly updated. The after-sales service is also quite troublesome, so I gave up and bought it for self entertainment【make money,Google,guessing competition,】

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