What is the law of hundred? That is, at a certain period of time in a hundred disorderly movements, the arrangement and combination that appear continue to repeat and continue, and there is an obvious orderly motion state【Ways to Make Money Online】

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orderly motion state 1, such as: long zhuang, long idle, long single jump, is the regular movement. 2, can not play all, only play regular card type. 3. Choose regular countertops. 4, the durability of the law is to judge whether this boot is worth playing criteria. Two look for Wangmen trend The characteristics of Wangmen are: (1) From the road, the proportion is large, and the cards are more. For example: thirty shop inside the village 20 times, leisure 8 times, and 2 times, then the village is Wang door; (2) There are more direct kills, often two cards each to determine the outcome; (3) Wangmen often kill each other; (4) Wangmen after the replacement card win【Video games,Venice,Money making app,】
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