Some suggestions for coding based on years of experience【Ways to Make Money Online】

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1. Reasonably divide the principal and determine the size of the basic notes For the division of the principal, I usually divide it into 10 basic codes. Of course, this division doesn't apply to everyone, so I'm just sharing my experience with you. Some people will worry about whether only 10 yards is too little, but I think it is reasonable. Since hundreds of games are not suitable for long periods of play, each game should adopt a strategy of quick decision-making. The longer a round goes on, the less control you have over your mind. Therefore, I recommend taking a small bet approach in the game, adjusting the bet to when the win rate increases. Once the win rate increases, you can revert to the base code. This allows for steady profitability. Second, develop a reasonable betting strategy First of all, the betting strategy can adopt a "lose, shrink and win" mechanism. When you are losing money, be sure to reduce betting; When you make a profit, be sure to use the profit portion for further impact. Initially, the base code is used to place bets. If you lose, cut your bets in half immediately; If you lose again, still use the small bet. In the past, some friends suggested "stop and take a rest", which is of course feasible, but in the actual game, many people are often reluctant to stop, because they are easy to impulse with money in their hands. Therefore, we can continue to use small bets until the win rate increases and then switch to base bets to continue to pursue victory. 【Video games,Venice,Money making app,】
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