Saturday 005 Premier League Chelsea v Brentford【Ways to Make Money Online】

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After cleaning up a lot of overstaff this summer, Chelsea's aid compared to last season rational, the new coach Pochettino also has a wealth of experience, after the run-in period at the beginning of the season, Chelsea recently gradually on the right track, last weekend and Arsenal at home after shaking hands, the last 4 games 3 wins 1 draw unbeaten, during the total scored 9 goals, The improvement of offensive firepower is the key to the team's recovery, the front of Sterling, Palmer, Muldrik and Jackson have recently opened the goal account, the midfield of Gallagher, Enzo and Cazedo triangle combination gradually formed, the defensive end of the veteran Silva is still calm, helping Gusteau, Colville and Disassi and other young defenders gradually into the good. This round of the league home to Brentford, Chelsea naturally want to continue the good trend, Brentford this season's opening performance is not as good as the same period last season, the current 9 rounds of strikes 2 wins 4 draws 3 losses, temporarily listed in the Premier League table 14th, during the 14 goals lost 12 goals, the offensive end in the main center Tony encountered suspension, efficiency did not slide too much, Cameroon striker Mbumo to pick up the main, has 5 goals, and Jensen, Visa formed a good cooperation, compared to the team's defense is not ideal, this summer lost the main goalkeeper Raya, the number of goals lost by the team has increased significantly, and from the data point of view, Brentford this season lost last season's giant killer temperament, Having already lost to Newcastle United, Arsenal and Manchester United in the league, Brentford will find it difficult to get out of the game with a resilient Chelsea away.【Money making app,lottery,make money,】


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