Chapter four, passionate enough to love it and determined to see it through【Ways to Make Money Online】

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And then Michelle started checking out the track, and Steve was staring at a racehorse, and he jumped in to calm the racehorse, and the trainer of the horse came up and asked him what he thought of the horse, and Steve said seriously, he's lonely, but I like the horse. The trainer was surprised that Steve could understand the horse's feelings, so he asked him his name and learned that he was Old Bae's son. Looks like old Bae has a reputation all over the world. Then the race began, and the horses raced along, and a famous jockey, Oreo, shouted at Michel to leave him alone, thinking he was in his way. And Michelle ended up with a three-fourths lead. His father had been watching the race. He was very happy for Michelle. Michelle shone so brilliantly that someone immediately invited him to ride a famous horse.【make money,Google,guessing competition,】
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