A racehorse needs to control the horse's weight【Ways to Make Money Online】

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But to get down to 50 kilos by Saturday, Michelle agreed immediately. Although he is now 53 kilograms, after he began to exercise, diet, desperately lose weight, in fact, riders as long as not lower than the prescribed weight can be, but weight loss is good for horse racing, but also improve the speed of horse racing. Then he almost missed his sister's wedding for another game, and finally he hurried to get there without delay. The father toasted the couple, and at the end he said he wanted to praise a child who had worked hard. Michelle thought her father would praise herself, because she had achieved very good results, but she knew that her father praised Steve, because Steve had been hired by the trainer as a full-time horse sitter. Michelle was disappointed, but very happy for Steve. Finally, Michel picked up 50 kilograms before the race, but he was already very weak. During the race, he was sandwiched between a group of male players trying to find the gap, and sure enough, he seized the opportunity to drill out of the gap, and began to sprint, and she was the first to cross the finish line, but which know just crossed the finish line even people and horses fell down together.【Ball game,sports,Video games,】
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