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Entrapment gambling crime refers to setting up a trap to trick others into gambling to get money. This kind of gambling crime is the type of crime stipulated by judicial interpretation. Often in stations, docks, downtown and other public places with large traffic flow, its behavior is manifested as setting traps to trick others to get money from gambling. Serious harm to social security, the masses reacted strongly to this. There is a type of trap gambling in which the gambler tricks others into gambling by the color of the pen. The rule of gambling is that the right guess wins and the wrong guess loses. Because the gambler can control the color of the pencil, so that the gambler guess this color to change the color, guess the color to change the color, the gambler lose or not win, set the gambler to win or not lose. As to how to convict such cases, some people believe that there are often traps and fraud in gambling activities, which is deceptive, but its objective act is the gambling act carried out, and the gamblers and gamblers are all for the purpose of illegal profit, and should be punished as gambling crimes. Some people also believe that this kind of trapping others to cheat money from gambling behavior is different from the general gambling, more in line with the characteristics of the crime of fraud, gambling is only a means of fraud, its essence is still a fictional fact or conceal the truth, so that people believe it is true, the fraud should be convicted of fraud, can not be convicted of gambling. The Sichuan Provincial High People's Court applied to the Supreme People's Court in 1990. On March 12, 1991, the Supreme People's Court pointed out in its Telephone Reply to the Question of How to Convict the Case of Setting a trap to induce others to gamble for Money: "If the actor sets a trap to induce others to gamble for the purpose of profit, and needs to be investigated for criminal responsibility, he shall be punished as a gambling crime." On November 6, 1995, in response to the request of the Higher People's Court of Guizhou Province "regarding the characterization of the act of setting a trap to induce others to gamble, threatening the gambler with violence when the gambler asks for the return of the lost money, and even injuring, killing and taking away the gambler's money", The Supreme People's Court's "Reply to the Question of How to Convict the Act of ensnaring others to participate in gambling and then using violence or threatening violence to return money to the deceived person" stipulates: "The perpetrator sets up a trap to entrap others to participate in gambling to obtain money, is a gambling act, constitutes a crime, shall be convicted and punished for gambling crime." The reason why the gambling crime theory is convicted is mainly because the legal interests violated by this type of case are social order. First, the place where the perpetrator commits the crime is generally a public place such as railway station, bus station and dock with a large number of people. Second, the target of the perpetrator is not specific people such as passengers and pedestrians; Third, the amount of gambling is small.【Video games,Venice,Money making app,】
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